Hello, my name is Wolfgang Schwarzmann.

I am an architect at Innauer Matt Architekten and postdoc at the University of Liechtenstein. In my research, I am primarily focusing on the question of how craftsmanship is changing as a result of new technologies and digitalisation. As part of my doctoral thesis, I have focussed in particular on the craft of carpentry and joinery robots.
I am fundamentally interested in the question of the role of humans in modern manufacturing processes and what roles are assigned to machines ( insofar as we can divide this at all).

In addition to this very technology-driven question, I also focus my research on wood, wooden resources and correspondingly sustainable construction principles.

Basically, the discussion about technology in our society is as old as mankind itself... nevertheless, certain processes of change are taking place, especially with regard to aspects such as ‘digitalisation’, artificial intelligence and CNC-controlled production processes.

So, why don't we have a look together?!

Contact info:

Wolfgang Schwarzmann
Kehlerstraße 7
6850 Dornbirn